National University of Ostroh Academy

Ostroh Slavic Greek Latin Academy was the first higher educational establishment in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. It was founded by Prince Vasyl-Konstiantyn Ostrozkyi and Princess Halshka Ostrozka in 1576.The revival of Ostroh Academy began after 12 April 1994 when the first decree of the President of Ukraine concerning Ostroh Academy was signed. According to the President?s decree dated 30 October 2000 Ostroh Academy University acquired the status of the National University. The University has an exemplary reputation both in Ukraine and abroad. In 1999 Ostroh Academy was honoured with 27th International prize For Quality in Paris, France. Present-day Ostroh Academy is: high-end computer laboratories; Internet access; modern language laboratories; virtual library; newest teaching methods; module and rating system; sports clubs; Culture and Art Centre; international exchange programmes; opportunity to learn two professions.

Ostroh Academy National University is the successor of Ostroh Slavic, Greek and Latin Academy, the first higher educational establishment of the Eastern Slavic nations. It was founded in 1576 by Prince Vasyl-Kostiantyn of Ostroh. The revived Ostroh Academy in Independent Ukraine started in 1994 with the Decree of the President of Ukraine. By virtue of succeeding decrees of the President of Ukraine, the development of the Ostroh Academy received a new impetus for further growth. In October 2000, Ostroh Academy officially became the National University.

Foundation year:1576
Short name:NUOA
Faculty/Students Ratio:9:1