University of Alkafeel

The university seeks to be one of the best recognized academic institutions in the world. It is capable of communicating with international standards in terms of education, applying knowledge and scientific research with societal benefits, and serving the society in order to achieve comprehensive and lasting human development in the region.

The advancement of specialized studies in the aspects of knowledge and humanities and scientific sciences on the basis of reconciling the authenticity of the Islamic heritage with the necessities of the current stage and future horizons, in order to achieve the scientific and practical needs of the Muslim person – individual or community – in his present and future, starting from the depth of Islamic knowledge on the one hand and the scientific constants of contemporary knowledge On the other hand, and academic research tools, to extract a scientific approach that addresses the problems related to culture and human thought in a conscious reading of Islam based on the curriculum of the people of the House peace be upon them, and meet the requirements of the current phase and Stqublah Iraqi society and the Islamic nation.

Foundation year:2005
Short name:AUC
Faculty/Students Ratio:26:1