Regain control of the complete organization by turbo boosting efficiency and profitability. Silicon’s Advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products provide a reliable, highly functional and a multi-dimensional environment to organizations, enabling their management to effectively manage their operations.

Obtain a fully specialized and customized made Enterprise Resource Planning module that offers a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of applications capable of automating any function related to your daily business process. Designed for the most complex business requirements and integrated with multivendor and multi-operational layered applications, Silicon’s ERP can be easily configured and adapted to meet your most unique operational requirements.


  • World Class Enterprise Resource Planning offers a complete suite of modules, that your organization can use to manage daily business operations.
  • Transform your business by standardizing multiple business operations such as finance, sales management, recruitment, performance management, administration
  • Manage your business on the global level by integrating innovative strategy, business advisory solutions, and powerful inter-departmental solutions.
  • Remove clutter from information management by realigning the complex processes to provide a well-organized and structured approach to business operation
  • Increase the productivity of your employees at an individual level by measuring their performance and rewarding them accordingly.