Address your regulatory demands in a systematic and cost-effective manner. Silicon Recruitment enables companies to electronically handle their recruitment needs. Silicon Recruitment is used by both large enterprises and smaller companies but varies in functionality and features depending on the needs of the company. Silicon Recruitment software is designed specifically for recruitment tracking purposes.

All companies need an applicant tracking system or recruitment software to handle job applications and to manage resume data. The primary job of Silicon Recruitment is to centralize all the information about a company’s recruitment efforts in a database. Applicant tracking is designed to add structure to the processing of resumes and applicant information. Applicant data is either collected from internal applications located on the company website or is extracted from applicants on job boards. But Silicon Recruitment allows applicants to be sourced from the company’s own database of past job applicants.


  • Auto Manage the Careers Page on Your Company Website.
  • Gather the resumes from multiple sources and manage them from a single place.
  • Easily organize and share all reviews and communication around a candidate.
  • Customize your recruitment steps and track candidates as they flow through the stages of your hiring funnel.