Increase the efficiency and accuracy of the most complex and time-consuming payroll processes. Silicon’s Payroll Management System is designed in a way to fit the size and complexity of your business, simplify the administration of your payroll process and improve productivity.

Silicon Payroll Management System is a complete and automated accounts activity that gives you the ease of mind in calculating employee’s salaries, allowances, tax deductions, tax returns, generating pay slips for a specific period, ensure compliance of taxation and PF and disburse salaries on time. The software has been designed by the experts in coordination with the stakeholders to provide an easy to use payroll process with the best features and functionalities.

The system has the flexibility to save and provide complete details of an unlimited number of employees. It has automated processes to manage employee attendance, process accurate salaries, generate and maintain pay slips, pay sheets, pay summaries, salary advancements, fixed allowance and deductions, monthly allowance and deductions, overtime calculations, no pay deduction, payee tax report, no pay detailed report, late minutes deduction report, signature sheets, loan maintenance and others.


  • The automated Silicon Payroll System is accurate, quick and can be customized for any business size and requirements to save time.
  • The computerized Silicon Payroll System processes all records and simplifies salary and tax processing through the computation of data.
  • The Silicon Payroll System will track and maintain employee salary transfer information and check for any errors or adjustments before the deposit.
  • The Silicon Payroll System offers the highest level of security yet it is affordable, increasing the ROI. It can also be integrated with other software.