Transport and Telecommunication Institute

Transport and Telecommunication Institute is one of the biggest private higher education institution in Latvia with unlimited state accreditation. TTI is a modern, rapidly developing institution with a wide range of flexible, career-related programmes and a top quality-teaching environment. There are four main academic divisions (Faculty of Electronics and Computer Science, Faculty of Transport and Faculty of Economics and Management, and Academic and Professional Aviation Center), research division – Telematics and Logistics Institute and one Branch (in Daugavpils, Latvia), offering the consistently high teaching and research standards across in the computer science, electronics engineering and telecommunications, management science, economics, transport logistics, aviation maintenance and others the most recently advanced areas.

The mission of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TTI) is adaptive to the needs of society academic and scientific activities at the international market in the interdisciplinary areas based on the fundamental achievements in the sphere of high technologies in the form of open Copperative environment.

Foundation year:1999
Short name:TTI
Faculty/Students Ratio:37:1