The Aerospace industry faces challenges of rising operational cost, the dearth of infrastructure in terms of airports, Maintain Repair and Overhaul (MRO) value chain along with trained flying and maintenance crews. A paradigm policy shift from importer to the manufacturer has been invoked allowing the participation of industries in Aerospace & Defense (A&D). Silicon Spectra understands these compulsions and is an active member of industry-government interactions on the policy.

Silicon Spectra has built engineering alliances, established various laboratories and compliance test facilities to support its A&D design teams, R&D, prototyping and manufacturing engineering. Emphasizing our commitment, we have leveraged our manufacturing experience and entered the niche domain of hydraulic actuators, precision machining, and additive manufacturing.

Silicon Spectra supports A&D organizations ranging from Airframes, Tier 1&2 suppliers, defense forces, airlines, and airports by enabling IT systems, process outsourcing, secure and optimized IT infrastructure and leveraging our practitioner experience to deliver transformational programs. We have developed, implemented, integrated and maintained solutions for the A&D industry that help your business cope with technological advancements and changes in the economic environment.

Our worldwide presence and global delivery model along with strategic alliances across products and services provide you with the market competitiveness and agility to meet business demands. Our solutions and services are a result of strong R&D capabilities backed by experienced industry professionals who have worked on cutting edge technologies in the A&D sector and have been at the forefront of product innovation.

Silicon Spectra in A&D provides you a one-stop shop with a high degree of specialty covering a wide range of service offerings ranging from Consulting, Product Engineering, Manufacturing, Systems Integration, and Information Technology to Business Process Outsourcing

The solutions and services that we offer are a result of our strong R&D capabilities backed by experienced industry professionals who have worked on innovative technologies in these sectors and have been at the forefront of product innovations

Offset and Policy

  • Global OEMs choose Silicon Spectra as an IOP based on the qualities of a long haul local partner with not only the necessary ethics and stature but also the relevant domain experience and service lines to deliver value
  • Silicon Spectra maintains a core team in the National Capital Region (NCR) to work with global OEMs to address and comply with Defense Offset Guidelines as defined in Defense Procurement Procedures (DPP)
  • Silicon Spectra through its active participation and membership with Industrial forums (CII, FICCI, USIBC, UKTI, etc.) maintains a proactive approach in drafting industry opinion and concerns with the end user and various Government agencies
  • The team comprises of experienced domain specialists with proven track records in A&D engagements, and personnel from sales, military, and engineering
  • A&D engagements are internally supported by our service lines with a clear understanding of processes and procedures ensuring strict regulatory compliance. These include export regulations (ITAR/ EAR) requirements with strong support from legal & compliance, delivery, and finance

Development of Exclusive and Strategic Industry Alliances

  • Silicon Spectra has established an exclusive partnership with Airbus Group in the field of engineering and manufacturing. Airbus brings along its expertise in aircraft systems RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety) and certification. Airbus is authorized as per the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to deliver pre-certification and certification for both hardware and software
  • Avionics Systems Engineering, Silicon Spectra, and an international technology solutions company have agreed to jointly develop solutions using the Integrated Modular Avionics technology. The intent is to propose innovative solutions, new tools, and develop prototypes to deploy across the globe
  • To reinforce Silicon Spectra‘s physical presence at the customer’s base, especially during the project delivery phase, we have partnered with an overseas engineering company for larger local representation. This new business model allows for greater customer value-added solutions as well as address offset obligations

End to End/ turnkey services are a new set of solutions proposed by Silicon Spectra

  • To deliver a greater passenger experience, Silicon Spectra has enabled the development of Aircraft Passenger Solutions through the combination of IT, IS and Engineering based technologies. We offer a solution for everything from Interactive Passenger Solutions to State-of-the-art Cabin & Seat Control Panels
  • Modern aircraft design approach contains more electronics and information services based capabilities (Connected Aircraft). Silicon Spectra has gathered its best-in-class portfolio of service lines in Analytics Information Management, Mobile technology, Infrastructure, and specific application development to propose turnkey solutions

Silicon Spectra serves as a Technology service provider for its customers

  • Silicon Spectra can develop fully customized and very specific prototypes of products and/or proofs of concept in various domains such as electronics, electro-mechanical, mechanical, optical and other types of equipment. All this is possible through Silicon Spectra‘s powerful R&D, Innovation cells and active linkages with the leading universities. This partnership allows us to develop new ideas such as self-powered wireless connected sensor networks as well as new solutions for aircraft maintenance using remote control technology and Connected Augmented Reality.
  • Silicon Spectra has a unique Product Qualification and Compliance laboratory named Tarang. It allows us to easily assess the robustness of new types of developments and products and test them against Aerospace regulations. In addition, due to our unique partnership with Airbus Group, we can ensure the industrial viability of new products, taking into consideration all possible constraints imposed on all aircraft related equipment and systems