University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce

The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC) offers a variety of international and Thai master`s and doctoral programs including its unique Master of Business Administration in International Business, Master of International Business Economics (MIBE), Master of Science in Business Informatics (MSBI), and Ph.D. in Economics. UTCC is unique because of its strong links with the Thai Chamber of Commerce. The PhD program in Economics underlies the enduring achievement of our university which is the strength of the School of Economics. The academic supremacy of the School of Economics is reinforced by our recruitment of young, talented staff, and our close ties with leading universities and research institutes around the world, most notably the University of Chicago. The School of Economics has a nexus of research centers, one of which owns the Thailand Consumer Confidence Index publicized and used by the Thai government and many Thai and international organizations. Other graduate programs UTCC offers include master`s programs in Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Engineering, Communication Arts, and Science and Technology; and one doctoral program in Logistics.

In order to realize our vision of being one of the leading universities in education for business in Asia, UTCC’s missions put emphasis on producing graduates with academic and business abilities and ethics; having faculty members, staff and students with distinguished abilities in English, information technology and business; and being the reliable source of academic services in the area of business for the society

Foundation year:1940
Short name:UTCC
Faculty/Students Ratio:24:1