Al-Mustaqbal University College

Al-Mustaqbal University College is a private university college established in 2010 at Babil province, a well-known historical ancient city, which is located 100-km to the south of the capital Baghdad. It was recognized according to the Iraqi Private Colleges and Universities Amended Law No. (13) on 1996 and acknowledged by the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Currently, it is considered as one of the leading, multidisplinary university college, consists of 15 departments with more than 600 staff and 4500 students capacity. Al-Mustaqbal University College started its first academic year in 2010-2011. Its departments are operated by locally recruited academics, with extensive teaching, business and industry experience. They bring to the classroom a wealth of knowledge gained from research and professional practice in their respective fields, providing students with a stimulating, multi-dimensional academic environment. Classes are small in student numbers, allowing the lecturers to cater to individual learning needs.

• Encourage the students on excellence and nurturing them scientifically and educationally. • Raise the quality of teaching and learning process so that our students can acquire the new knowledge and scientific techniques required by the labor market. • Adopt the information technology to improve the efficiency of the university educational and administrative systems. • Create an academic environment which motivates creativity and innovation. • Enhance the quality of scientific research. • Interact with community institutions in all fields.

Foundation year:2010
Short name:AMU
Faculty/Students Ratio:17:1