Madenat Alelem University College

The Madenat Al-elem University College aims to create a new model of an Iraqi research university for the 21st century with a distinctly international, multilingual and interdisciplinary character. The college will sharpen its profile with a focus on the generation and transmission of knowledge at the forefront of the unknown. It aspires to be recognized worldwide for its innovative power and academic successes in selected areas and its contribution to the economic, social and cultural development of Iraq. Driven by the pioneering spirit of all its members, and well connected to a wide network of national and international partners, the college seeks to develop a strong community, based on a shared sense of purpose and belonging for its students and staff.

The Madenat Al-elem University College’s mission as a young college is to achieve the highest standards of international excellence in research and teaching, while also fully meeting its distinctive responsibilities as the country’s sole public institution of higher education. Like another college, it is committed to inviolable foundational principles of human dignity, liberty, equality and rigorously protects academic freedom. Our college endorses a climate of free and open discussion and encourages critical thinking and defends the autonomy of both students and researchers as necessary foundations of an innovative and knowledge-based society and economy. It provides a unique forum for the development of the cultural, political and social dialogues that are the lifeblood of a mature democracy. Our College supports research as central to its mission. The production of knowledge, which will always remain the prime mission of a college, implies creativity enhancing conditions allowing a focus on the essentials, as it needs the freedom to experiment and to devise innovative, special solutions. It provides the services and structures that assure quality teaching and research, offers individual tutoring and enables international academic mobility.

Foundation year:2005
Short name:MAUC
Faculty/Students Ratio:32:1