Silicon has thorough and comprehensive training software that facilitates automated training for every student enabling them to learn and understand the processes according to their relevant job duties. This amazing training software can help you provide relevant and timely job-related training to your resources.

Silicon’s online training software displays a portal that provides comprehensive information about training confirmation, rescheduling, or cancellation of any due training. You can view all relevant information from training home and receive email notifications for detailed information. Attendees are sent course material and other relevant details as email attachments. The Advanced Training System can be used to seek feedback from trainees to measure the effectiveness of the instructors and the course material and to make improvements where needed.

Your Classroom is Where You Are! Silicon’s advanced online training software allows trainees, students, and employees to attend their session even when they are away. The advanced web-based training software allows anyone to access their classroom from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to leave your desk, home or wherever you are to attend the session. Just log on to your area and attend to enjoy the best convenience and accessibility through web-based training software. Your classroom also allows you to chat live with other users who attend the session, giving you a unique opportunity to exchange relevant information for an enriched experience.