Al-Nisour University

Al-Nisour University College was established in 2012 in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 13, Article 1 of 1996, pursuant to the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (10/1/32166) for the year 2012. To grant a founding leave for the College of the Eagles University in Baghdad after fulfilling the basic requirements stipulated by the Law of Colleges and Universities No. 13 of 1996 Amendment 2. The College obtained the recognition of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research under the book number C / 1621 on 4/5/2014 . The work has been directed to be a college specializing in the fields of computer technology engineering, analytical techniques, law, business management and English language, and be useful and distinct in higher education and scientific research leading to the development of knowledge and community service and the graduation of qualified staff and work to expand horizontally and vertically in the specialization and transfer the college to a future university. Other Colleges (Pharmacy, Accounting, English, Physical Education, and Sports Sciences, Computer Engineering, Law, Medical Laboratory, Radiology Techniques, Anesthesiology Techniques ). Since Al-Nisour University College is member of The Association of Arab Universities, also called the Union of Arab Universities, is an organization working within the framework of the Arab League, where all material, human and scientific inputs were provided and according to the future visions of the Ministry of Higher Education and al-nisour university has made a pledge under this book numbered (7528) on 30/10/2013 and includes the conversion of the college to a university.

1. To achieve the principle of working as a team cohesive in the success of all educational programs 2. Activating the procedures of scientific Palmstrkat towards the goals flowing into the vision is profoundly educational institution 3. Keep pace with the development and improvement in the educational system at the local and regional level 4. The best use of the activation of scientific energies and resources so as to ensure the rights and quotas and capabilities of future generations in the educational institution Mkhrjatna 5. Administrative building matrix and procedural methods for the success of educational programs through the administrative system quality 6. Activation of scientific programs and training courses, and in particular plans within the concept of knowledge management, and except for data, information and evidence set 7. Encourage creators and distinguished faculty members, students and honor them in particular and privileged 8. Seek to develop plans and through periodic review of the achievement of the principle of continuous development and improvement 9. Continuous interaction with the labor market requirements and the requirements of the beneficiaries in accordance with the procedural way of excellence and retrace impact of educational Mkhrjatna

Foundation year:2011
Short name:ANU
Faculty/Students Ratio:17:1