Al-Bayan University

The university vision is the core values and purposes of the university. The core values are based on the high quality of education in the fields of knowledge provided by the university and the establishment of contemporary knowledge in these areas, which leads to inspiring creativity and social responsibility locally and internationally. The core purposes are based on the knowledge and technical contribution to the progress and welfare of the community.

Al-Bayan University will offer a unique scientific experience which will encourage the students to follow a postgraduate program, which will give him/her with the opportunity to find a prominent job in the labor market and integrate into the society. The establishment of the university’s cultural values will eventually contribute to the rebuilding of a healthy society and its development, by implementing standards of conduct which will help the university personals and students to do their tasks as well as they can. The correct usage of financial and human resources will increase the knowledge value in the various university fields and will uplift Al-Bayan University to a distinctive level among other local and international educational institutions working in the same fields.

Foundation year:2016
Short name:N/A
Faculty/Students Ratio:19:1
Location:Baghdad City