University of Palermo

The new corporate identity of the University of Palermo revives, interprets and reformulates the signs and values characterizing its life to date, making it recognizable as a prestigious institution. At the University of Palermo there are very mixed cultural areas, covering broad knowledge areas. The University equally also oriented to teaching and research, given the importance of both areas and the inevitable interactions between them.

The University combines tradition and experience with a constant openness to innovation, research, as well as to dialogue with the production sector, becoming a piece of the mosaic of institutions involved in territorial growth and in the development of international relations aiming at the diffusion of knowledge. The University of Palermo always takes on a social as well as cultural, educational mission, which is typical of a public university, and even more important given the particular geographical and social context in which it operates. The current educational offer consists of 56 1st cycle degree courses, 9 one-cycle courses, 60 2nd cycle courses, 23 university master courses, 47 specialization in the health area, 39 PhDs, aiming at training specific professional profiles, often in collaboration with companies and institutions. The University is strongly rooted in the region, which results in its Educational offer, structured in accordance with the peculiarities of Sicily.

Foundation year:1806
Short name:No information
Faculty/Students Ratio:20:1