National Formosa University

National Formosa University was founded in 1980 as National Yunlin Institute of Technology. The school was restructured as National Huwei Institute of Technology in 1997 and then expanded into National Formosa University (NFU) in 2004. NFU has been focusing on industry application and dedicated to quality education; therefore, it has been recognized as one of the favorite universities among students and entrepreneurs in Taiwan.

National Formosa University is a technical university in Huwei District, Yunlin County, Taiwan. It is the only university in Taiwan to include the historical name of Formosa in its title. NFU was established in Huwei Township in 1980. National Formosa University is organized into four colleges: the College of Engineering, the College of Electronics and Information, the College of Management, and the College of Applied Arts and Sciences. They provide 19 undergraduate, 18 postgraduate, and 2 doctorate level study programs.

Foundation year:1980
Short name:NFU
Faculty/Students Ratio:31:1
Location:Yunlin County