Al Kut University College

Al-Kut University is a private Iraqi college established in 2012, as a first privatecollege in Wasit Governorate. TheUniversity commenced with six fields; Pathological Analysis Techniques, Laserand optical electronics engineering, Arabic literature and studies, QuranSciences, Business Administration and Law. It has fast grown in size and stature to becomeone of the most prestigious universities not only in Iraq but the region as a gatefor internationalization of Iraqi higher education.

It is a foremostinstitution of higher academic and scholarly learning, known for its innovativeapproach to academic management, human resource development and the pursuit ofexcellence in research and teaching. Moreover,it aims at engaging in public service at the local, national and internationallevels by fostering cultural enrichment and providing educational and trainingopportunities.

Foundation year:2012
Short name:AKUC
Faculty/Students Ratio:10:1