A community built to foster interaction and empower home cultivators. We make home cultivation accessible for the most novice grower by bringing a community together to measure, share, and discover craft cannabis.

Why WeGrow?

When WeGrow founder Mason Levy began researching cannabis, he was immediately intrigued with its incredible versatility – abilities ranging from treating insomnia, depression, and arthritis to promoting self-examination, inspiring creativity, and catalyzing laughter. Evidence from respected institutions, including the British Journal of Cancer and the National Cancer Institute, suggest cannabis can prevent, shrink, and possibly eliminate tumors entirely.

All of these amazing medicinal and wellness benefits stem from A PLANT that grows on every continent except Antarctica. Everyone should have an accessible and easy way to grow the strains of cannabis that are best suited for them.

WeGrow simplifies the learning process, eliminating the need for exhaustive written and online searches, reading countless forums, and battling hundreds of conflicting opinions. The app and its companion real-time educational modules guide the novice user through the germination, vegetative, flowering, and harvesting stages of growing cannabis. WeGrow uses Elle, the WeGrow Growbot™, to personalize the educational experience, and teach users how to grow cannabis through conversations.

The heart of WeGrow is education, community, and empowerment. The WeGrow mobile platform allows growers to tap into the collective knowledge of the community, making learning to grow cannabis easy, accessible, and fun for everyone. WeGrow is an entire growing community and knowledge base right in your pocket.