The company ( was officially launched in 2013. It is a network lending information intermediary platform operated by Shenzhen Investment Financial Services Co., Ltd., focusing on the field of Internet auto finance. Since the establishment of the company, adhering to the business philosophy of “integrity, standardization, professionalism and transparency”, through the integration of Internet technology and financial services, we are committed to providing information collection and information for borrowers with financial needs and lenders with idle funds. Comprehensive information services such as publication, information exchange, and loan matching, and strive to promote the innovation and development of China’s inclusive finance.

The investment network always adheres to compliance operations, develops steadily, and actively promotes self-discipline in the industry. In 2014 and 2015, the company joined the Shenzhen Internet Finance Association and the Guangdong Internet Finance Association and was appointed as the vice president unit. In March 2016, it joined the China Internet Finance Association and became the first member unit. In 2018, it was elected as the first member. Board of directors. In July 2016, the fund depository system in cooperation with Guangfa Bank was officially launched, and the fund deposit was first completed.

Investing in the combination of mobile Internet technology, strictly controlling the risk, and establishing a multi-dimensional risk control system with independent research and development to build a strong risk control application capability, establishing a standardized customizable risk control process, mobile evaluation + automated evaluation bidding The system combines anti-fraud, scoring model and system decision-making, and big data platform and other wind control capabilities, real-time docking multi-dimensional credit data, real-time data integration and data analysis based on big data, and comprehensively realize borrowing risk management.

As of May 31, 2019, the total number of registered users of the company was nearly 6 million, and the accumulated amount of the total amount was 600.36 billion yuan, which solved the “short-term small amount” of capital demand for 418,000 borrowers and served the micro-economic development. The investment network has continued to achieve profitability.

The investment network has a high-quality, professional, and honest management business management team. The core team mainly comes from famous universities such as Peking University, Hong Kong University, and Tsinghua University. The team adheres to the spirit of Peking University and the “Traditional Morality” Tsinghua School Motto, not only with noble personality, but also with more commitment. Promote the construction of the integrity value system of the whole society.

The investment network has the background of the triple shareholders of “brokers PE+listed companies+state-owned enterprises”. In June 2014, the company invested in the strategic investment of Guangfa Shunde, a wholly-owned subsidiary of GF Securities, and reached a strategic partnership with it; in April 2015, the company acquired a domestic listed company Daikin Heavy Industries (stock code 002487) 150 million yuan of capital injection, successfully completed the B round of strategic financing; in December of the same year, the investment network obtained the strategic holding of the Bank of China Guangdong Finance Fund, the two sides reached a strategic partnership; in November 2017, the investment network officially won the Shanghai Jujia network technology limited The company (Giant Network Group Co., Ltd. subsidiary, stock code 002558) 820 million yuan C round of financing; In January 2018, the investment network obtained the investment of 300 million yuan from the investment fund of Zhiyuan Capital, successfully completed the C+ round of strategic financing.

With integrity and professional service and innovation capabilities, the investment network has been widely recognized and praised by the society and mainstream financial media. In 2014, it won the “P2P Online Loan Rating System” A-level platform of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences twice, and the “China’s Most Popular Internet Finance Platform” issued by the Securities Times for three consecutive years from 2014 to 2016; two consecutive years from 2015 to 2016 In the year, it was awarded the “Top 50 Internet Financial Platform 2015” by the Daily Economic News; in 2015, it was awarded the “2015 China Asset Management Golden Shell Award (2015 Most Competitive Platform)” by the 21st Century Business Herald; The network won the honorary awards such as “2016 Leading China Excellent Financial Service Company” and “2016 Best Internet Financial Technology Innovation Award”; in 2017, the investment network was recognized as “National High-Tech Enterprise” and won the “2017 Hong Kong Internet Finance Award” Awarded the “Top Ten Most Investor-Friendly Mutual Gold Platform” by the Network Loan Tianyan, “2017 Big Data Wind Control Application Pioneer Award” issued by Zhongguancun Internet Finance Research Institute and China Internet Finance 30 People Forum, China Business The “2017 Inclusive Finance Excellence Enterprise Award” issued by the Federation and China Business Daily; in 2018, the investment network was selected by Shenzhen Commercial Daily as “Shenzhen Financial Business Card – Most Jiaxiaowei Enterprise Service Brand was awarded “2018 Hurun New Financial Automobile Finance Top Ten”.

Since the establishment of the party branch in 2017, the party has been committed to innovating the grassroots party building in the mutual gold industry, combining industry characteristics, integrating industry self-discipline, promoting party building work to deepen the financial ecology, exploring party building innovation + public welfare, and committed to let Party building work is at the forefront of the industry. With a solid party building work, the investment network won the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee newspaper Nanfang Daily “Shenzhen Party Building Innovation Excellence Case”.