DidaTravel is a leading hotel consolidator and distributor based in China with over 250,000 worldwide hotels through its centralized system. As the first hotel consolidator listed on the “New Three Board”​ in the Chinese stock market, DidaTravel has been playing the role bridging the gap between China’s tremendous outbound market and global hotel resources since its inception in 2012. With year’s dedication, we have now established firm partnerships with near 40 global suppliers and over 130 regional suppliers worldwide as well as our distribution partners such as majority of the Chinese OTAs and over 8,000 offline travel agencies in China. DidaTravel has become the best access for oversea suppliers to enter China. With the most competitive rates and unlimited inventories, especially in Asia and in China as more than 100 suppliers are providing DidaTravel their specific products for these markets, DidaTravel now is empowered to aggressively expand worldwide.