Louis Le Duff

Louis Le Duff is a French billionaire businessman, and the founder and CEO of Groupe Le Duff and the Brioche Dorée bakery chain. 

  • Louis Le Duff got his start when he opened a combined restaurant-bakery in a Quebec ski resort while studying abroad for his MBA.
  • In 1976, he took the concept back to France and opened the first Brioche Dorée bakery in Brittany with just $2,000.
  • His restaurants now feed 1 million customers every day across 100 countries.
  • Groupe Le Duff’s $2.1 billion in sales comes from more than 1,650 bakery and restaurant locations, including chains La Madeleine French eateries.
  • Le Duff owned Bruegger’s bagels chain until September 2017, when he sold it to Caribou Coffee Company.