Lam Wai Ying

Lam Wai Ying is a Chinese billionaire businesswoman, and the chairman and 49% owner of Biel Crystal Manufactory, manufacturer of touch screens for smartphones. She co-founded Biel with her husband Yeung Kin-man.

  • Lam and her husband Yeung Kin-man own Hong Kong‘s Biel Crystal Manufactory, earning them a combined fortune of approximately $8.3 billion.
  • Lam, Biel’s chairman, owns 49% of the business; Yeung holds 51%.
  • Biel is the largest supplier of glass screens for cell phones, tablets, and watches to Apple and employs 100,000 people in mainland China.
  • While weakening iPhone demand may affect shipments to Apple, they also supply Samsung and Sony and have stated they expect stable revenue.
  • The company recently decided to push back its planned $1.5 billion initial IPO in Hong Kong due to the sell-off in the equities market.