Idan Ofer

Idan Ofer is an Israeli billionaire businessman, with interests in shipping, drilling and mining. He is the founder of Tanker Pacific and the principal of the Quantum Pacific Group, a holding company.

  • Idan Ofer is one of two sons of shipping magnate Sammy Ofer, who died in 2011 and was once Israel’s richest man.
  • Ofer’s Eastern Pacific Shipping operates a fleet of over 100 bulk, container and crude oil ships.
  • He also has a controlling 51.5% stake in Israel Corp., a publicly-traded chemicals, energy and shipping conglomerate.
  • Israel Corp. spun off its power, transportation & shipping units into a listed firm called Kenon Holdings in 2015; Ofer is a controlling shareholder.
  • Ofer’s Pacific Drilling, a deepwater drilling company, re-listed its shares on the NYSE in Dec. 2018 after filing for bankruptcy a year earlier.