Silver Peak

Silver Peak products give you the power to quickly migrate to an enterprise-grade WAN that leverages the Internet, while dramatically improving application performance and lowering networking costs.

Silver Peak software unifies the cloud, the Internet and the enterprise WAN on a single fabric. This provides IT with complete visibility and control over the new cloud-driven network while ensuring consistent performance for every enterprise and Software as a Service (SaaS) application.

Silver Peak solves network bandwidth, distance and quality challenges, which helps customers backup and recover more data in less time, gain faster access to cloud and enterprise applications, and safely migrate enterprise apps from costly, complex private links to the Internet.

Unlike traditional WAN optimization, Silver Peak correlates information about cloud services and Internet weather to intelligently route traffic over a secure, optimal path. Silver Peak deploys quickly and easily on any hypervisor and can save customers up to 80% in WAN optimization costs by switching to a Silver Peak software subscription.