NIU is a team of technologists, industrial designers, engineers, and creatives that have come together to change the way urban citizens explore their city on lithium electric scooters. NIU has redefined what customers can expect out of a connected scooter that is powered by a BOSCH Motor and LG Lithium Battery Pack.

NIU is designing world-class electric scooters that will be essential to the future of urban mobility across the globe. NIU believes that its vehicles will forever change the way that urbanites live, work, and socialize in their favorite cities around the world.

NIU officially launched to the public on June 1, 2015, at a ceremony with 1000+ distinguished guests, designers, and officials in Beijing, China, where Token Hu and team introduced v1.0 of the N1 eScooter to the world.

Two weeks later, NIU launched the largest crowdfunding pre-sale in China history; selling nearly $11,000,000 USD of the N1 eScooter in fifteen days, making it one of the top-ten crowdfunded campaigns of all-time globally. Subsequent crowd funding activities throughout 2015 and early 2016 have been critical to NIU’s rapid growth and expansion of its line of scooters.

And then again in April 2016, NIU launched its most popular smart electric scooter, the M1. In the 15-day launch, NIU sold $13,000,000 USD of the M1 scooter.

Since that launch, NIU has opened international markets and is selling across Europe and East Asia.

In its first year, NIU has over 100,000 customers exploring city streets on a NIU N1 and M1 scooters around the world.