Ferris wheel ticketing is affiliated to Shanghai Ruiwan Culture Communication Co., Ltd., which was established in Shanghai in July 2015. It is a well-known live entertainment ticketing platform in China and is dedicated to providing users with “massive discount tickets”. In order to solve the painful points such as opaque price, difficult ticket purchase and expensive ticket purchase when the user purchases the ticket, the Ferris wheel has created a new generation ticket trading platform with efficient transaction and perfect service, and more than 90% of the tickets on the platform are realized. Discounts allow more people to enter the scene at a lower cost.

At present, the Ferris wheel ticketing business has covered more than 200 cities across the country, and the monthly transaction volume has exceeded 100 million; the performance attendance rate has increased by 15%-20%; the accumulated cost of purchasing tickets for users has exceeded 100 million yuan; It covers eight major performances including concerts, sports events, dramas, children’s fun, concerts, dance ballet, exhibition and leisure, and art and music. According to the “Annual Analysis Report of China Live Entertainment Online Ticketing Platform” released by the third-party data research institute Analysys in March 2018, the exclusive rate of the Ferris wheel ticketing industry exceeds the accumulated balance of the industry, and the industry penetration rate is nearly 2 times that of the industry. Take the absolute leadership position in the segmentation field.

Ferris wheel ticketing has accumulated more than 100 million US dollars of venture capital investment, including DCM, Jingwei China, TPG, Blue Lake Capital, Qiming Venture Capital, Gaochun Capital and other private equity and venture capital institutions. In July 2018, the Ferris wheel ticketing completed a $60 million Series C financing, and the financing was led by TPG (Detai Investment) and Gaochun Capital.

In December 2018, the Ferris wheel ticket was elected as the deputy director of the China Performance Industry Association Ticketing Committee.

development path

In July 2015, the Shanghai head office was established;

In July 2016, the completion of the A round of multi-million dollar financing, DCM led;

In September 2016, the company completed the A+ round of nearly 10 million US dollars of financing, Jingwei China led investment, Nanshan Capital and investment;

In November 2016, completed the B round of financing of 15 million US dollars, Blue Lake Capital led investment, DCM, Jingwei China, Nanshan Capital, Xianfeng Evergreen, Zhenge Fund and investment;

In October 2017, the B+ round of financing of 25 million US dollars was completed, and Qiming Venture Capital and Pusi Capital jointly led the investment;

In July 2018, the Ferris wheel ticketing completed a $60 million Series C financing. This round of financing was led by TPG (Detai Investment), and Gaochun Capital followed suit.

Platform concept

Ferris wheel ticketing vision: to become China’s largest live entertainment company

The mission of the Ferris wheel ticketing: let more people walk into the scene

receive honor


Economic Observer – Good Life Creator’s Outstanding Ticketing Platform Award

China Consumer News – 2018 Practices Consumers First Supreme Enterprise

Entrepreneurship – 2018 China’s Top 100 Innovation and Growth Enterprises

36氪——2018 King of the New Economy-King of Music Tickets

I Dark Horse – 2018 Entrepreneur Dark Horse TOP100

China Performance Industry Association – the most investment potential performing arts organization – 2018 Lagou Annual East China Leading T0P Employer Award


Baidu – 2017 Best Innovation Marketing Award

Hunting Cloud Network – 2017 Best Culture and Entertainment Venture TOP10

Entrepreneurship – 2017 China’s 100 annual innovation growth companies

36氪——New Business 100 List of 2017 High Growth Companies


Baidu – 2016 Innovation Award