King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang

KMITL has been established since 1960 and is considered one of pioneer science and technology institutes in Thailand. KMITL is the largest engineering school in the land with more than 90% graduate employability within an academic year. KMITL has not only been very successful as an institute specializing in the field of science and technology in Thailand, but also produced a great exceptional number of professional ‘Practical Engineers’ in science and technology territories. KMITL is moving forward with the new era with the philosophy ‘Education and Research in Science and Technology are the Foundation of the Development of the Nation’ and KMITL is also ready to glow globally as internationalized activities and supports. KMITL consists of seven faculties and four colleges. One can see that KMITL provides integrated Science and technology academic program for all solutions in the new era. With numerous Copperative activities from industry, KMITL also extends the high level research and development to industries. In addition, KMITL has international research collaboration more than 50 countries around the world in 2012. With these cohesive organization and superior quality of research and education, KMITL has been recognized as one of the leading science and technology universities in THAILAND.

1. Provision of higher education in science and technology of the highest quality toward international standards with good morality 2. Advancement of knowledge and research in science, engineering, and technology to support the sustainable development of the nation and toward international excellence. 3. Provision of knowledge and innovation for the best academic and community services. 4. Preservation and promotion of Thai Arts and Culture.

Foundation year:1960
Short name:KMITL
Faculty/Students Ratio:22:1