KargoCard is the leading prepaid gift card distribution and processing platform in China.

Over a period of 6 years, KargoCard has developed the platform, network and relationships that have established it as the single largest aggregator of prepaid payment products in China; with real time transaction API’s extending into 40+ retail brands. The KargoMall, a physical retail gift card mall launched in 2013, is deployed in over 5,300 convenience stores across 22 cities, making it the largest prepaid payment network in the country. The platform extends its catalog digitally into the leading social networks of China like Mobile QQ and WeChat, reaching over 500 million users. Having established peering relationships with prepaid payment networks in the United States and Europe, KargoCard is able to deliver on every aspect of prepaid payments in China – local, global, mobile and social. The leading brands in China including YiHaoDian, C-Trip, Amazon and VIP Shop have chosen KargoMall to launch distribution of their gift card programs, in most cases through exclusive relationships.