Insight Robotics

Insight Robotics safeguards industry’s natural resources and infrastructure with intelligent threat detection. Data collected through robots and sensors are presented as early-stage intelligence through their GIS platform so that stakeholders can intuitively assess their risk and respond based on real-time data.

They’re a passionate team pioneering new ways to make the world a better, safer place to live. Their specialty is helping their customers visualize data across large land areas easily and intuitively, thanks to their patented inventions like:

– Their wildfire detection robots that use artificial intelligence to increase the range that thermal sensors can see – Insight Globe GIS which assists a single wildfire detection robot in finding the location of a fire without triangulation

Founded in 2009 by Kevin Chan and Rex Sham, their company is made up of engineers and experts from more than a dozen nationalities. They love to innovate and challenge each other, to push the boundaries of technology, and to work closely with their customers on end-to-end solutions for their industrial challenges.

They foster an environment of inspiration and positive disruption, continuously striving to make a difference by protecting the world’s resources, assets and lives.

Saving the world, bit by bit, grid by grid.