Edp-energias De Portugal

EDP – Energias de Portugal is a Portuguese electric utilities company, headquartered in Lisbon. It was founded in 1976 through the merger of 14 nationalised electricity companies.

EDP – Energias de Portugal SA is a holding company, which engages in the generation, supply, and distribution of electricity. It is also involved in the provision of telecommunication and information technology services. It operates through the following segments: Long Term Contracted Generation in Iberia, Iberian Distribution, Liberalised Activities in Iberia, Regulated Networks in Iberia, EDP Renováveis, and EDP in Brazil. The Long Term Contracted Generation in Iberia segment includes the electricity generation activity of plants in Portugal and Spain through EDP-Gestão da Produção de Energia, S.A. (CMEC and SRP generation), Energin, S.A., Soporgen, S.A., EDP Produção Bioléctrica, S.A., and Fisigen-Empresa de Cogeração, S.A. The Liberalised Activities segment corresponds to the activity of unregulated generation and supply of electricity and gas in Portugal and Spain through EDP-Gestão da Produção de Energia, S.A. (liberalised generation), Empresa Hidroeléctrica do Guadiana, S.A., Electrica de la Ribera del Ebro, S.A., Hidroeléctrica Del Cantábrico, S.L., Central Térmica Ciclo Combinado Grupo 4, S.A., Patrimonial de La Ribera del Ebro, S.L., EDP Comercial – Comercialização de Energia, S.A., Hidrocantábrico Energia, S.A.U., EDP Soluções Comerciais, S.A., and Naturgás Comercializadora, S.A. The Regulated Networks segment covers to the activities of electricity and gas distribution in Portugal, Spain, and last resort supplier through EDP Distribuição de Energia, S.A., EDP Serviço Universal, S.A., Fuerzas Electricas Valencianas, S.A., Electra de Llobregat Energía, S.L., HDC Explotacion Redes, Hidrocantábrico Distribucion Eléctrica, S.A.U., Portgás – Soc. de Produção e Distribuição de Gás, S.A., EDP Gás Serviço Universal, S.A., Naturgás Energia Transporte, S.A.U., Naturgás Energia Distribución, S.A.U. The EDP Renováveis segment comprises to the power generation activity through renewable energy sources through the companies of EDP Renewables Europe, EDPR NA subgroups, and EDP Renováveis, S.A. The EDP in Brazil segment encompasses the activities of electricity generation, distribution, and supply in Brazil through EDP Energias do Brasil and its subsidiaries. The Corporate Activities and Adjustments segment includes the centralised management of financial investments and human resources, logistic platforms, shared service centers, reinsurance, and innovation activities. The company was founded in 1976 and is headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal.