Hangzhou ranked Technology was established in 2016, is a focus on big data risk control product development of Internet finance technology company. The Company has provided targeted big data risk control products for major clients in industries such as traditional banks, internet banking, internet finance, consumer finance and insurance, and worked with corporate risk control teams to reduce the risk control cost and improve the processing efficiency.

The strength of the big data risk control research and development team of the company is that its core members have obtained doctoral degrees in prestigious universities in the United States. They have over a dozen authorized patents, hundreds of top international papers and thousands of papers cited. As a pioneer in industry research, the team also has a wealth of hands-on experience in major projects such as big data platforms, modeling systems, and risk decision-making systems.

So far, the business of arranging science and technology has been carried out from Hangzhou to the whole country. It is more effective in helping customers to develop credit business while exporting their own technologies and products. We have always believed that by promoting the development of our customers’ business, we have arranged science and technology to create an honest society for all of China.