Xiaoniu88.com is a Fintech company.

Mavericks Online is China’s online intelligent financial service platform, bringing together a large number of outstanding talents from well-known banks, securities, Internet and e-commerce industries at home and abroad. With advanced Internet finance technology such as big data risk control and mobile payment, the platform makes investment and financing simpler, more transparent and more scientific, providing professional, efficient and stable financial information matching and consultation for emerging people and young families in China. Wait for a one-stop service.

“Maverick Online” (domain name: xiaoniu88.com IP address: officially launched in June 2013, operated by Shenzhen Mavericks Online Internet Information Consulting Co., Ltd., is the first member of China Internet Finance Association, 2018 In 1999, he was promoted to the governing unit of China Internet Finance Association. He is also a rare intelligent financial service platform with three certificates of ICP, EDI and national information security level protection. He completed the A round of financing in 2018 with a financing amount of 400 million. Fang is the China Venture Association and the Red Mother Fund.

Mavericks offers a variety of project types to meet the investment and financing needs of different groups of people, explore Internet financial data, and fully develop communication and interaction between the platform and investment users. It covers different subdivisions of different types such as You Niu Niu, Sheng Cai Niu, and Bulk Mark; from time period classification, including different types of monthly, semi-annual, and yearly, flexible access, providing investors with full Azimuth project system.

(1) You enjoy the cowYou enjoy the cow is the convenient and efficient commissioning and bidding tool launched by the Mavericks online platform. The lender entrusts the platform to invest the funds into the platform project, and the payback principal and interest are re-invested by the lender to ensure the utilization of funds. After the lock-up period ends, the credit transfer is automatically initiated, and the system preferentially assists the lender of the product to complete the debt transfer.

(2) Shengcai NiuShengcai Niu is a bidding tool for the automatic circulation of the principal provided by Mavericks Online. Users entrust the platform to decentralize bids to reduce bidding risk. During the use of the commissioned bidding tool, the period will increase interest rates. The longer the usage time, the higher the yield. In the cycle, if the lender has liquidity demand, the platform can make an appointment for the transfer of the creditor’s rights, and the platform will be accepted on the last day of each cycle. After processing the loan transfer application initiated by the lender, after the credit transfer is successful, the principal and interest are returned to the lender’s online loan account. The specific payment time is determined according to the time of successful transfer.

(III) Bulk mark Thebulk mark mainly includes items such as credit loans and consumer installment loans.