University of AL-Qadisiyah

Al-Qadisiyah University was established in 1987 in two colleges: the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Management and Economics. In the second academic year, the College of Arts was opened. Other colleges were opened in Al Qadisiyah Governorate as well as Wasit and Muthanna Governorates. And then some other university in Samawah in the name of the University of Muthanna was opened. Then its colleges and departments grew and its research labs were developed and its colleges now include college of Education, college of Management and Economics, college of Arts,college of Veterinary Medicine, college of Physical Education and sport Science,college of Computer Science and Mathematics, college of Agriculture, college of Law, college of Engineering and college of Nursing. Higher education has been started at Al Qadisiyah University since 1993 through the Faculty of Education to grant a master’s degree and then expand to include the faculties of administration, economics, literature, sports education and veterinary medicine. The doctoral Doctoral studies were opened in the 1998-1999 academic year in the departments of life sciences and history in colleges of education, Economics and literature in its departments of economic system, Arabic language, geography and sociology, and it continues its wonderful efforts. Al Qadisiyah University has expanded its cultural and medium base by establishing the ethnic and social center in the university and adopting it with expertise and competence in the media fields in the press and media work to implement its varied plans and the publication of our newspaper ideas of the university and the implementation of a number of festivals and conferences.

We hope that our university will be a pioneering academic institution,distinguished,creative, effective, scientifically efficient,educational, and socially influential and has a distinguished position among Iraqi, Arab and international universities.

Foundation year:1987
Short name:UAlQ
Faculty/Students Ratio:11:1