SequoiaDB Inc. is a software company that develops and provides commercial support for the open source database SequoiaDB, a document-oriented NewSQL database that supports JSON transaction processing and SQL query. It can either be a standalone product to interface with applications providing high performance and horizontally scalable data storage and processing functions, or serve as the frontend of Hadoop and Spark for both real-time query and data analysis. It is designed to integrate well with Spark, Hadoop/Cloudera.

SequoiaDB is the very first and only document NewSQL database in China. It’s designed to provide a highly scalable database solution based on MPP architecture. The company decided to open-source its product in December 2014. The company offers both community and enterprise versions for free, under AGPL license agreement.

SequoiaDB has been selected by Chinese IaaS vendors as the database solution for their cloud customers. Also, the product has been used by customers listed among Fortune 500, such as Bank of China, China Telecom, Hainan Airline, and several Internet companies listed in NASDAQ.