Mogoroom currently operates in Shanghai and Beijing, providing standardized rental apartments to young professionals seeking more convenient living environment services.

Founded in Shanghai in 2014, Mushroom Rentals is the pioneer of the “new rental” model in the mobile Internet era. Providing apartment SaaS management system for apartment businesses , in addition to managing the property, it also docks a variety of product services such as traffic, electronic contract, finance, payment, big data, intelligent hardware, etc., and builds a deep management plan for the whole industry chain of the rental industry. All links from room to rent. Provide tenants with a real rental platform , and realize online solutions for finding a house, signing an electronic rental contract, paying rent, water, electricity, coal, and other living payments, repairs, and complaints. Mushroom rental is committed to the establishment and effective management of high-quality rental service standards through the exploration and application of new technologies, and promotes the positive development of the rental industry with real estate. Make renting easier and more convenient.

In March 2017 , mushroom rental and ant Jinfu reached a deep strategic cooperation and obtained the C-round strategic investment of Ant Financial Service. At the same time, with the financial, technical, big data, credit and other resources exported by Ant Financial, the overall solution for the rental industry was formed. . In December 2017, the mushroom rental house received a $30 million C+ round of financing , led by Yunfeng Fund, and the Giant Network Group and Ant Financial Service. Mushroom rentals hope to promote the development of a virtuous environment in the rental industry through Internet technology, and bring the ultimate rental experience to the whole society, in order to realize the corporate vision of “being the most trusted rental living platform for 300 million people”.