Domaille Engineering

Domaille Engineering provides contract manufacturing services for the aerospace, defense, and telecommunications industries and a leading OEM provider of fiber optic equipment. Domaille is a three time winner of the prestigious U.S. Chamber of Commerce blue ribbon DREAM BIG small business award. Today, they lead, the Domaille family of companies, an integrated group of manufacturing firms focused on superb customer service in the aerospace, defense, national security and telecommunication markets. These firms include Stanley Engineering, Tech Manufacturing, and Domaille Engineering.

Stanley Engineering Company provides a wide variety of the most difficult machining solutions leveraging multi-axis milling and turning from prototyping through production launch phases in support of aerospace, defense, national security, and telecommunications markets. Tech Manufacturing is an aerospace manufacturing company specializing in highly complex, 5- axis structural components both in hard metal and aluminum as well as assembly and kitting solutions. Their mission at the Domaille family of companies is to provide their customers with the highest quality solution through the innovative use of technology that allows their customers to gain a competitive edge.