CMC Capital Group

CMC Capital Group is China’s first media sector focused on the alternative investment management company. CMC is dedicated to media investments both in China and the International market. In April 2009, CMC was registered and approved by China’s National Development and Reform Commission with RMB 5 billion in assets under management.

CMC is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the growth and development of China’s media sector as well as international investment opportunities. CMC will target media assets with consistent cash flow, strong market position, well-established branding, and high future growth potential.

The firm is focused on growth capital, corporate restructuring, and MBO/privatization financing opportunities; targeting companies with enterprise value between RMB 300 million to 2 billion. Their equity investment size ranges between RMB 140 million to 480 million. With their strong and unique investor base, they are also able to lead or participate in large buyout transactions in excess of RMB 6 billion.

CMC Capital Group is formerly known as China Media Capital.