247tickets is a one-stop-shop for tickets to the best events, movies, experiences and trips in China and around SE Asia.

With offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen & Beijing, 247tickets aims to present customers with endless options of events, experiences, trips, tours and movies, with personalised recommendations, all the best deals and the best customer service and concierge agents in the business. Tickets can be booked on their easy to use mobile/desktop website, via a WeChat concierge service or via distribution partners, including websites such as TimeOut China and City Weekend Shanghai.

With an emphasis on the best in entertainment and experiences, 247tickets have sold tickets to tens of thousands of plays, sports events, musicals, tours, movies, trips and more. In 2017 they acquired the trip and experience provider Travelers Society, stating their intent to join the high growth markets of inbound and outbound tourism in China.