Yokohama City University

Yokohama City University (YCU) was converted into a public university corporation on April 1, 2005, and I was selected to serve as the first Chairman of the incorporated entity that will manage this long-established institution. The Chairman of Yokohama City University is responsible for the institution’s corporate management, while the president is responsible for its education and research. The City of Yokohama, as the founding organization, issued several ‘interim goals’ for the corporation’s management that must be met over the six-year period from FY2005 to FY2010. The interim goals of becoming a ‘university of practical international learning’ and a ‘significant university for the city’ have been established as the fundamental goals of the university.

The Mission of Yokohama City University is to cultivate human resources with international perspective and creativity who will proactively take the lead in major cities such as Yokohama. As a public university, we endeavor to this end to meet the expectations and gain the trust of the citizens of Yokohama.

Foundation year:1882
Short name:YCU
Faculty/Students Ratio:4:1
Location:Yokohama, Kanagawa