University of Hannover

In 1831, founded by the scholar Karl Karmarsch, the Higher Trade School of Hannover started with only 64 students. Today there are around 21,000 students in the natural sciences and engineering, the humanities and social sciences as well in law and economics. In the future, too, studying, teaching and research are to be enjoyable, and therefore one of the declared goals of Leibniz Universitat Hannover is to continually improve the quality of teaching and research.

For 40 creative years of his life Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was associated with Hannover. He made major contributions to all areas of contemporary knowledge. His universality and inspiration have created an example and set a commitment for Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitat Hannover. We stand for excellence in teaching and research, and attach great importance to the interdisciplinary and international character of our work. We see ourselves as a community striving for scientific and academic insight, seeking sustainable solutions to central issues concerning the future and helping to create a healthy environment. Our work is thus guided by the motto: Shaping the Future with Knowledge.

Foundation year: 1831
Short name: LUH
Type: Public
Students: 26320
Faculty: 1030
Faculty/Students Ratio: 26:1
Region: Europe
Location: Hannover, Lower Saxony