Saint-Petersburg State Electotechnical University “LETI“

St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University ‘LETI’ was founded in 1886 and became the first European higher education institution specialized in the field of electrical engineering. Bachelors, Masters and Specialists are prepared on 7 full-time Faculties. Training is conducted according to the Federal State Educational Standard. Bachelors are prepared on 21 educational directions, Masters on 53 educational programs, Specialists on programs. Training of highly qualified scientific personnel is carried out on 42 scientific specialties. At the present time 323 post-graduate students and 16 PhD students study at the ETU. There are 9 dissertation councils on 23 specialties. More than 80 people finish post-graduate study every year. At the moment about 8000 students and postgraduates study at the ETU. The University has 5 corresponding members of RAS, 20 winners of national and international awards, more than 200 professors and doctors. University has more than 1,600 graduates on main educational programs annually. Besides academic laboratories of 7 faculties, research and innovation complex of the ETU includes Technopark, 8 research and educational centers, five research institutes. Technopark of the University provides a range of business services to 38 small innovative enterprises. More than 300 teachers, students and postgraduates work in small businesses of Technopark annually. More than 50 high-tech enterprises of industries are strategic partners of the ETU.

Strategic goal of SETU is to set up a research, educational and innovative cluster, the core of which will be the University comparable in terms of its principal features to the best global universities and becoming one of the leading worlds educational, scientific and research centers. This strategic goal should be achieved via the integration with world leading universities, scientific institutions and high-tech companies, diversification and interdisciplinary character of research directions, the adoption of course university model and internationalization of education as well as the improvement of the university management system and the personnel overall performance.

Foundation year:1886
Short name:LETI
Faculty/Students Ratio:13:1
Location:Saint Petersburg