Northern Technical University

Northern Technical University (NTU) is one of four technical universities distributed over Iraq; it was founded on 2014 after restructuring the foundation of technical education to four technical universities. NTU embraces nine colleges and institutes specialized in Engineering, Agriculture, Administrative and Medical specialties. NTU’s colleges and institutes are located in three provinces in the north and middle of Iraq, specifically provinces of Nineveh, Kirkuk and Salahaddin. NTU focuses on technical and practical training and puts them on the top of its priorities. In addition, NTU seeks to develop the scientific researcher’s skills by making agreements with Arabic and foreign universities and acquiring the knowledge and experience. NTU is ambitious and passionate to keep in touch with latest global academic developments to support our country with technical and scientific aspects. This is in turn will contribute in revolutionize the scientific fields in Iraq and play a significant role in developing both present and future. NTU’s researchers are continuing achieving scientific awards and have published tens of papers at respectful journals in addition to patents. God blessed you all and guide you to the best for this country.

The Northern Technical University is a university that combines modernity with cognitive thought, quality and generosity in scientific and research grants and skills, and adopts continuous updating of its technical curricula to keep abreast of changes and scientific developments reflected on the quality of graduates outputs to achieve the university targets.

Foundation year:2014
Short name:NTU
Faculty/Students Ratio:20:1