Harjeet Taggar

Harj Taggar is co-founder and CEO of Triplebyte, a platform for finding and hiring great technical talent. Triplebyte is used by hundreds of companies from large enterprises like Apple, Adobe and American Express through to Series A and later stage startups. They recently closed a $35 million Series B from YC Continuity and Founders Fund.

Harj was previously the first partner brought on at Y Combinator since its founding, joining in 2010. He worked on scaling YC from funding tens of companies per year to hundreds. He has also angel invested in a number of startups including Instacart, Coinbase and Opendoor.

He first moved to San Francisco from London after starting his first company, Auctomatic, while in college. Auctomatic was funded by Y Combinator in 2007 and acquired by Live Current Media.