Hanyang University

‘Love in Deed and in Truth’ The founding spirit of Hanyang University is to educate and train students to understand and to love one another, based upon virtues of diligence, honesty, humility and service, to heighten the noble spirit of learning, and to become men and women, who work not only for themselves but also for the nation and its people, and further, for all mankind. 1939 Hanyang University Founded in Seoul 1972 Hanyang University Hospital opened 1979 Hanyang University ERICA campus opened 1995 Hanyang University Guri Hospital opened 2003 Industry-Academic Copperation Foundation founded & Education-Research-Industry Cluster Ansan (ERICA) established 2009 The 70th anniversary [External Assessments] Ranked 3rd best private University in Korea by the England’s ‘The Times World University Review,’ (2009) Ranked 4th best private University in Korea by the England’s ‘Shanghai Jiaotong University Assessment of Global Universities,'(2009) Ranked 3rd among Korean universities by the ecole des Mines de Paris in the number of alumni CEOs in the world’s top 500 companies (89th in the world, 2009) [Number of Sister Institutions by Country] 339 sister institutions in 42 countries(As of April 1, 2010)

The educational goals of Hanyang University are to train talented individuals in order to support their self-actualization and to make a positive contribution to the community, the nation, and the world. We aim to accomplish these by achieving excellence in all aspects of teaching, research and development of theories.

Foundation year: 1939
Short name: NYU
Type: Private
Students: 20010
Faculty: 1350
Faculty/Students Ratio: 15:1
Region: Asia
Location: Seoul