Donghua University

University of Donghua – University of Shanghai. The main specialization in the field of fashion, design and textile industry. It was founded in June 1951. Included in the project 211. Originally called the East China Textile Institute of Science and Technology. In September 1985, renamed the Chinese Textile University. In August 1999, it received its current name Donghua University. This is one of the first educational institutions in China, where all three levels of higher education have appeared: bachelor`s, master`s and postgraduate courses.

As Shanghai`s center for Business education with English as the medium of instruction, the programs aim to provide practical, innovative learning in a family-like atmosphere; to immerse students in China`s culture and language; and to transform learners into proactive entrepreneurs and socially responsible leaders of organizations worldwide.

Foundation year:1951
Short name:DU
Faculty/Students Ratio:18:1