B. Wayne Hughes

Bradley Wayne Hughes is an American billionaire businessman, the founder and chairman of Public Storage, the largest self-storage company in the U.S. doing business as a REIT or real estate investment trust. As of 2014, Hughes is worth $2.2 billion.

  • B. Wayne Hughes cofounded self-storage company Public Storage in 1972 and has since made a fortune storing Americans’ excess junk.
  • In 2011 he formed American Homes 4 Rent, a publicly-traded REIT that owns and rents out nearly 53,000 single-family homes across 22 states.
  • Hughes owns less than 1% of Public Storage shares, having given bulk to his daughter Tamara Hughes Gustavson and also to his son Wayne Hughes Jr.
  • The company boasts $2.2 billion in sales, mostly from its 2,000 self-storage locations worldwide. Its European unit Shurgard went public in 2018.
  • In September, Hughes was outed by the L.A. Times as the anonymous donor of $400 million to his alma mater, the University of Southern California.