Polytechnic University of Valencia

The Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (UPV) is a Spanish public educational institution founded in 1968 that has a very high level of student satisfaction: 95% of its graduates would study there again were they to start afresh, due to the high employability rates of the degrees it offers, the bonds it has created with the best educational and research institutions worldwide, its outstanding sports facilities, and its wide range of continuing education opportunities. The UPV comprises three fully equipped campuses: Vera (in Valencia city), Alcoi, and Gandia, with a total of 36,711 students and 4,197 staff members. The UPV is one of the best starting points for a career in research in both public institutions and private companies. Internationally, it is the leading university in technological research in many areas, and it is one of the top three Spanish universities regarding R&D Copperation agreements with private companies. It is also a leader in patents and technology licensing.

The UPV`s mission is to provide its students with an integral education through the creation, development, transfer and critical reflection on science, art and culture, whilst being respectful with ethical principles. An education decidedly leading towards aiding our students in finding an appropriate job in accordance with their studies. It also wants to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the Spanish society in general, and to the Valencian society in particular, through scientific, technical and artistic support. And finally, the UPV`s purpose is to develop an institutional model characterised by its values of excellence, internationalisation, solidarity and efficiency; an open institution which promotes the participation of institutions, companies and professionals in every aspect of university life.

Foundation year: 1971
Short name: UPV
Type: Public
Students: 23080
Faculty: 2340
Faculty/Students Ratio: 10:1
Region: Europe
Location: Valencia