Incorporated in 2011, Megvii is committed to make greatest value for customers and the whole society with extraordinary technology. Megvii is an Artificial Intelligence company specialized in providing enterprises and developers with intelligent solutions and data services, and is dedicated to the mission of “Create machines that can see and think”.

Based on its original deep learning system Brain++, Megvii seeks to build AI Engine, a core fundamental technology powering various AI application. It is leveraging on recognition, control, optimization and other algorithms to connect individuals, objects and scenarios, building a product platform of IoT OS. It is connecting standardized hardware like sensors, robots and personal devices with AI+IoT (AIoT), thus commercializing three application-oriented IoT brains on a large scale, namely, city brain, supply chain brain, and personal life brain. Megvii is building an operation system for the era of AIoT. Megvii is an AIoT solutions expert.