WhatsAround is a social media application backed by Crypto-currency (ShotCoin) If you love outdoor activities and using social media, you can make money doing what you love with WhatsAround and keep track of all the places you have traveled while making money on the side.

• CONNECT WITH REAL OUTDOOR LOVERS WhatsAround is a platform for outdoor enthusiasts to connect with new people and different places. WhatsAround allows users to earn cash by discovering new places and helping the community to find the best secrets of nearby places.

• EARN MONEY IN SECONDS The interesting part is that you don’t have to be a celebrity or garner a ton of followers to benefit from the app. You earn by discovering new places, sharing amazing photos and connecting with new people; basically, stuff you would normally do without an incentive.

• GET PAID DOING WHAT YOU LOVE You can collect coins using the app and exchange your coins with real money. Or you can use them to shop stores around you. Check out our app now and join our lively community!

• STAY CONNECTED WITH PEOPLE WhatsAroud provides a platform for travelers, photographers, outdoor lovers, and other creative people to share their photos and experiences with friends, family, and people from around the world.

• GET OUTSIDE & EARN MONEY ON THE SIDE WhatsAround allows you to share amazing pictures, lovely videos of the environment and activities around you. Don’t waste your time and effort sharing pictures with nothing. Let us appreciate your contribution: Earn money on the side while having fun with your friends.

WhatsAround gained popularity during the crypto-boom but has been suffering from lack of user engagement and innovation after that just like most other crypto-backed silicon valley ventures. WhatsAround was a Silicon Valley darling in the initial days after launch due to backing from legendary Silicon Valley veterans such as Yasin Cakiral, Tom Ash, James Kabba, John Mai, etc.