United Software Corporation

United Software Corporation is an American multinational software investment and services company headquartered in Austin, TX with services in enterprise software implementation, mergers and acquisitions, investment management, underwriting and financing in software and information technology space.

We commit 3R’s (human resources, financial resources, and intellectual resources) to serve 3C’s (clients, customers, and communities)

Advising: We advise technology companies on buying and selling businesses, raising capital, debt financing, corporate restructuring, and managing risk portfolio

Financing: We help technology companies and software enterprises finance their research, innovations, opportunities, operations, payroll, mergers and acquisitions

Management: We manage assets for technology companies, growth funds, venture capitals, IT services entities, STEM foundations, as well as state and local governments

Consulting: Our Consulting services include end-to-end services, from strategy to implementation, to help you accelerate change and deliver business outcomes through the power of digital technology

Application: Enterprise Application Implementation, Upgrade, Modernization, and Transformation; Custom Application Development; Testing and Digital Assurance; Application Management

Private Equity: Our private equity strategy offers a combination of financial, management, technological, and intellectual capital to bring lasting value and sustainable growth to companies we acquire

Financial Services: Mergers and Acquisitions | Tech Hedge Fund | Corporate Finance | Wealth Management | Growth Markets | Credit | Investment Research | Middle Market Financing

Software Services: Custom Software Development | Enterprise Software Implementation | Managed IT Services | Enterprise Software Upgrade | Cyber-security | Corporate Training & Planning

Address: 6200 La Calma Dr # 115, Austin, TX 78752 Phone: (844) 77U-NITE | (844) 778-6483 Email: [email protected]