National University of Science and Technology MISiS (Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys)

The National University of Science and Technology ‘MISiS’ is a multidisciplinary technological university that retains its focus on Materials Science and Metallurgy, Information Technologies, Nanotechnology, Environmental Science and Energy Saving Technologies, Organizational Economics and Management, Electronics and Radio Engineering, Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Operational Quality Control. The designation of national research university means that ‘MISiS’ is charged with the task of educating new generations of engineers, scientists in technology who will be acknowledged international leaders in their respective fields of expertise, well grounded in the finest practices and traditions of their mentors while also well prepared to advance scientific knowledge and produce cutting-edge technological innovations. ‘MISiS’ places great value on both fundamental and applied research and constantly promotes the organic interconnectedness between learning and scholarship.

MISiS mission: is to serve the nation, the needs of society by providing a high quality education in Materials Science, Metallurgy and New Materials, Ecology, Economics, Industrial Management and other fields prioritized by the Russian Government; is to encourage students and young scientists in their pursuit of education, various research activities, and attainment of scientific and academic goals; is to become an internationally recognized institution of higher education by closely Copperating with leading international universities and companies. The University seeks to attain the goals set in the Program of Creation and Development of the University of Science and Technology MISiS 2009-2017 signed and approved by the Russian Government. We believe that Russia can shift to the new, contemporary innovative economy by enhancing development of new technologies, encouraging technology transfer, and technology commercialization. Timothy E. O`Connor (MISiS Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs): ‘Our goal is to become an internationally-renowned learning and research community of students and scholars in diverse fields of science and technology devoted to advancing knowledge, generating innovation, encouraging entrepreneurship, promoting cultural and intellectual diversity, as well as saving energy and protecting the environment, while continually improving the quality of life for more people.’

Foundation year:1918
Short name:MISIS
Faculty/Students Ratio:10:1